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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions and answers.
Can I choose Frogg Designs to design my site and use my own web hosting?2019-08-28T20:51:37+02:00

Yes, you can use any web host you like. Once your website has been completed you will have to provide us with your web hosting cPanel or ftp login username and password so that we can upload your website for you.

Which hosting company does Frogg Designs utilize?2015-05-09T16:49:01+02:00

Frogg Designs make use of a quality Virtual Private Server and do not host websites via the cheaper ‘Shared Server Hosting’ due to the numerous associated problems.

Frogg Designs utilise and endorse the services of EliteHost, rated No 1 in global website hosting. We have aligned ourselves with this quality brand to ensure that our high standards of quality, back up and support are never compromised. EliteHost offer 24x7x365 fanatical customer service and 99.9% average uptime on a lightening fast VPS network.

How long does it take for a design to be completed?2017-01-19T21:00:22+02:00

Our Average turn around time on a Premium Package design is 14 days. The timescale of a design project is generally dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will endeavour to meet it. The most common delay in the creation of a site is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client.

How can I monitor the success of my Link Campaign?2015-05-09T16:46:21+02:00

One method is through Google search, by typing: site:
This will offer all websites which contain a link to your site.

Do our FREE email accounts include Webmail?2015-05-09T16:43:57+02:00

Yes, Webmail is included with all Frogg Designs Packages. Webmail is a great feature which allows you to send/receive mail, forward mail, add auto-responders and setup out-of-office reply’s to your mailbox from any computer in any location world wide.

Where would I find live examples of the various Frogg Designs Web Site Packages?2017-01-19T21:00:22+02:00

You can find examples of our Web Design Portfolio.

Should we meet to discuss my project details?2017-01-19T21:00:22+02:00

Yes, we do not hide behind the phone or e-mail. We find that meeting with you in person allows us to gather as much ammunition as possible required to complete your web design project. If a meeting is not possible, design projects can also be handled via telephone/skype/email.

Do the web design packages include the submission of websites to Search Engines?2015-05-09T16:41:00+02:00

Yes, all websites are submitted to major Search Engines, minor Search Engines and an extensive data base of international and local directories.

Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting?2015-05-09T16:40:15+02:00

No, Frogg Designs will handle everything.

Does the Web Design Package prices include website hosting?2015-05-09T16:28:27+02:00

Yes, the Web Design Package prices includes the annual renewal hosting, domain name and the once off design fee.

What After Sales Support do you offer?2015-05-09T16:32:11+02:00

After the completion of a website project we are available for after sales service. Any slight tweaks or amendments are carried out to the site free of charge in the first month. Any support thereafter will be charged at an hourly rate of R250.

Could I add additional web pages to my package of choice?2015-05-09T16:33:48+02:00

Yes, however a fee of R350.00 per page will be charged after the allotted Website Package pages have been exceeded. This is a once off fee and does not effect hosting charges.

What if I have once off changes that I need made to my website. What it will cost me?2015-05-09T16:35:03+02:00

Content Change Fees of R50.00 per 50 words or part thereof will be charged. All you need to do is send us an email outlining all the changes that you require and we will review the keyword strength of the new content and upload the changes with 48 hours.

Is there a deposit required for each project?2015-05-09T16:37:26+02:00

Yes, we do require a deposit before getting started with any project. We require a 50% retainer before getting started with your web design project.

Do the web design packages include Search Engine Optimization?2015-05-09T16:39:17+02:00

Yes, All web pages are Search Engine Optimised. This will enable your site to gain a high search engine ranking.