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A Logo Design Is Your Business Identity

A Logo Design Is Your Business Identity

Business Logo Design.

A Logo is used to identify your business, product or service via the use of a brandmark, wordmark or combination of both.

Our logo development process goes through several stages to define just that. But a logo alone is unlikely to add sufficient value to a business. Logos in general are only meaningful in context. The logo, the brand strategy, the tone of voice, the visual identity and guidelines all together play a part in establishing the brand image.

Our logo design and development process is a combination of research, strategic thinking and quality graphic design.

It’s important that the logo speaks the right message to your target audience. That’s where the research comes in. It’s equally important that the logo is unique to help differentiate you within your marketplace. That’s where strategic thinking comes in. And it’s equally important that the logo is carefully crafted, with attention to the smallest detail. That’s where quality graphic design comes in. 

You Need An Effective Logo.

Your Logo is one of the most important factors of your corporate identity and branding. We can produce logo solutions to meet your requirements and create a unique custom business logo design.

All business logos, company logos, custom logo designs and custom artwork requests are carried out by our graphic designers providing the best possible artwork and graphic design to our clients. Logos add that bit extra to a website and you can also use your artwork for other parts of your business, such as brochures or business card design and other printed media that you may wish to use.

Frogg Designs can also create your brochure or business cards as well as supplying any custom artwork you may require.

Logo Design - Port Elizabeth

The Principles Of A Great Effective Logo.

  • Simple – Clean – Easy to Read/Understand
  • Memorable – Brand Recognition
  • Timeless – Logo Longevity – Think Ahead!
  • Versatile – Adaptability – Ready for Change
  • Appropriate – Relevance – Keep Products and Services in Mind
Is the logo still effective if it is printed…
  • In one colour?
  • In reverse colour (e.g. light logo on dark background)?
  • The size of a postage stamp on stationary?
  • On the side of a building?

Always think BIG and plan early for future Brand Growth…

Port Elizabeth Logo Design.

Frogg Designs, a leading Port Elizabeth based logo design agency, offers a diverse spectrum of graphic design solutions that cater to the unique needs of clients not only in Port Elizabeth but also across the expansive canvas of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

As Frogg Designs combines artistic flair with strategic insight to craft compelling visual narratives. Their portfolio spans from striking logo designs and captivating brand identities to engaging marketing collateral and eye-catching digital graphics. With a finger on the pulse of design trends and a keen understanding of client objectives.

For businesses and individuals seeking design solutions that captivate, inspire, and communicate effectively, Frogg Designs is your dynamic partner. With their commitment to quality and their ability to translate ideas into captivating visuals, Frogg Designs continues to be a cornerstone in Port Elizabeth’s vibrant design landscape, serving clients throughout the Eastern Cape and beyond.

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