Wildlife Safari Photography Tips & Tricks

Minimize camera shake and achieve sharper images.
Turn your Vehicle Engine off as quickly as possible for two key reasons:

  • Reduced camera shake from vehicle vibrations and
  • Animals are more likely to be on edge or even move away from the noise of the vehicle engine if it is left running.


a “Pool Noodle” is a cheap and easy Window Mounting Stability Platform if you are taking wildlife photographs from a vehicle.

The high density foam rubber Pool Noodles are available at most larger supermarkets.
Cut the noodle into 20cm sections and make a cut through to the middle. Your Custom Vehicle Photographic Support is now ready to slip over the vehicle window pane edge. You can raise or lower the window to best suit your photo requirements. This Custom Vehicle Photographic Support is compact and fits easily into your camera bag or left in the boot.

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