Steps To Setup Email Signature

How to setup an Outlook 2010 email signature.

First of all click the File Tag (top left), and the go to Outlook > options. The Outlook Options dialogue box will be displayed.

Outlook Options

Now click the Mail option located in the left side menu, and locate the create and modify signatures for message option in the right side main window.


Now click the Signatures button located in front of the create and modify signatures for message option. The Signatures and Stationary dialogue box will be displayed, now in order to add new signatures, click the New button.

New Signatures

Here add your signature’s text under the Edit signature text area and click the OK button. If you would prefer to use a image or logo simply click the Insert Image icon and add your image.

Signature outlook2010

Finally select your signature via the ‘New massages’ and ‘Replies/forwards’ drop-down boxes. Now your personal signature will appear at the end of every email you send. Enjoy!