Webmail Email Access

Send/Receive emails from any location.

Use Webmail to send/receive from your email accounts on any computer in any location worldwide. If you do not delete these messages they will still be available on your own PC through your Message Program.

Webmail is also a great way to:

  • screen large messages taking a long time to download through normal channels.
  • change your password.
  • set an out of office reply or forward mail.

How To Use Webmail

Learn how to Send/Receive emails from any location.

This tutorial shows how to send/receive emails on any computer in any location worldwide.

  1. Type www.yourdomain.co.za/webmail in the browser bar and enter
  2. Now enter your login details:
  3. User: you@yourdomain.co.za
    Password: your email password

  4. You can change your Password, but please remember to make these changes to your email program (outlook) as well.
  5. You can also forward all emails to another email address (a colleague while you are on holiday etc)
  6. You can also setup an auto responder message which will reply to all mail received (an ‘out of office’ reply or “… I will respond shortly” if you do not have constant access to your mail)
  7. To Send/Receive your Mail click on: Squirrel Mail or Horde
  8. Click on ‘Mail’ in the inbox to read ‘new’ mail and reply directly or Click on ‘Compose Mail’ to send an new message…
  9. Click ‘Send’ to release mail…

Remember to Logout if you are making use of a foreign computer…