Google Changes Effect Search and Map Results

Google announced changes which will impact visibility in search and map results and many of Google’s changes, while helpful to consumers, can make it more difficult for businesses to get the visibility..

Google Announces Changes to Google Maps

  • Consumers will be able to access live view from maps, including how busy a place is, read reviews and view photos.
  • Maps will add virtual street signs and point users to key landmarks.
  • Mapping indoors at airports, transit stations and malls.
  • The most detailed street maps with features such as sidewalks, crosswalks and stop lights will be available for 50 cities by year-end.
 Google is prioritizing making Google Maps results more tailored and relevant. Maps will show things like coffee shops in the morning and restaurants at dinner time.Google Searchers will like these tailored and relevant map updates, for businesses this can translate to those not deemed relevant by Google having limited visibility in the local pack and maps at different times of the day.

Optimised ‘Google My Business Listings’ Are Going to Continue to Be Important

It will be extremely important to make sure your Google My Business listing is in the correct category, 100% optimised – and being kept updated with features like GMB posts (Google My Business posts are short and simple updates for communicating with people who are actively looking for information about your business), questions & answers, etc.

About This Result Is Expanding More

Earlier this year Google added About This Result in search for specific queries. This was added to help the user better understand if they can trust the source of the result they are reading. To access, simply click the three dots next to the result to view the About This Result information.The roll out to all English language search results is on it’s way, with more languages to come. Google plans to add even more details, such as how the website describes itself, what other sources are saying about the website and related articles.

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